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Why do people judge you by what they see….?

This sounds like an odd post doesn’t it? I just felt I had to write this following incidents recently. Whether we like to admit it or not, people usually make up their minds about a person before they have even met them let alone spoken to them; from their looks even or following an incident. This affects how people treat each other. People often judge or misunderstand other people’s appearances in a less than equal manner before they even know the true nature of the person. Every day people make assumptions by what others can see physically. Everybody judge people because of the way they are, the car that they use, the type of job they have, their physical looks, the football team they support or the way they dress. When people shop at Asda they are able to define whats good for them and what they don’t want to purchase. People are able to choose good products over bad products because they don’t have broken packaging, cracks and bruises. Everyone just assumes that the “good looking” products have good qualities and taste good too.

If we judge other human beings based on how they look, isn’t this called prejudice. Prejudice is to form an opinion about someone or something in advance based on insufficient knowledge. In fact, prejudice disadvantages or harm people’s feelings because of how the media describes other people’s personal lives. Judging a person is very common in today’s society. People every day judge one another, whether it’s judging another’s appearance (which is the most common) or judging the way one behaves, everyone is guilty of it. People are prejudiced against race, family and poverty. However, in most cases, you may be making judgments about someone without even knowing a person at all. It is wrong to judge someone because one can really hurt someone’s feelings or it may backfire on them and they may be the one to end up getting hurt. The worst part about judging someone is the fact that most people’s judgments are wrong, considering most people judge in a negative manner.

Why Do People Judge Others then? I have no idea. How can someone make a decision based on what they see. I was on the receiving end of this a few months ago. I have a brain tumour and life is difficult, I will admit that. I cope with pain 24/7 and just get on with my life. I am awarded certain benefits because of the nature of my illness. After rigorous tests and form filling-in you are “judged” based on information supplied by yourself and information gathered by the officer conducting the interview. If they get the decision correct then all is good for both parties, but what happens when it goes wrong. When the person doing the “judging” misses something that influences the decision and subsequently fails to provide that person with the correct award?

So, why do people judge others so negatively? Do you think it’s because of jealousy, dislike, disappointment, or is it just human nature. I mean, is it natural or normal to judge people because they are only human?

I really get upset when I see other people judge others wrongly. I have experienced a lot of instances where I have been judged just because I don’t meet up with their standard of what a person should look like; or the way I act isn’t “normal”. What is normal?

I parked in a disabled parking space at my local supermarket. Upon exiting the car an elderly gentleman came charging over demanding to know what was physically wrong with me that warranted me parking in that space? What detriment was it to him that I was parked in the space? He didn’t need it, he had already parked up and saw me pulling in. Was he gunning for an argument? He picked the wrong person for that one as I chose to ignore his question.

What do you think he would have said had I replied and said “I have got a brain cancer”?

Comments welcome.

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